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Online CFOs for construction and real-estate businesses

Numerity™ helps Canadian construction and real estate companies improve their cashflow and grow their profit by pairing them with a dedicated CFO and outsourced accounting department.

You’re a business owner who needs financial insight

As an entrepreneur, you want to achieve the lifestyle you deserve...on your own terms.

A major challenge? To launch and grow your business smoothly and profitably, you need to assemble a competent and strong support team. Let us be the finance team that will deliver the clarity and direction you need to achieve your professional and personal goals. Whether you want a profitable, growing business with positive cash flow, more time for the things you enjoy, or a better quality of life overall, Numerity™ will help you get there.

We’re not your typical accounting firm

We’re laser-focused on helping entrepreneurs succeed. We have extensive knowledge about the levers that propel your business forward.  Our CFO services will give you a solid understanding of where your business stands and where it is heading.

With our tax services, you can rest assured that your company is structured to save taxes. Our accounting services, will give you a fully-compliant and impressive set of books, which will flow seamlessly into the CFO services.

We strongly believe in keeping all lines of communication open all year long, not just at year end. We’ll be by your side at all times, keen to help you achieve the results you deserve.

Numerity CFOs Canada

Our role as your online CFO

If you’ve ever considered hiring a full-time CFO, you’ll know that the investment involved in finding and recruiting a permanent member of staff can easily exceed $100,000 per year (plus vacations, bonuses and everything else employees expect). It’s not always a viable approach.

By working with an online CFO, you can enjoy the same financial insight that a full-time CFO can deliver—at a fraction of the investment.

Choose Numerity™ and you'll get:

An integrated and thoughtful experience

You deserve to see the bigger picture. Our accountants will combine our services in a way that is customised and is as unique as your business and personal goals.

A proactive approach

Instead of leaving decisions to the last minute, we’ll deal with them when they arise, before it’s too late.

Sound advice

Our advice is well-researched and carefully considered—so you know your business is moving in the right direction.

National reach

Numerity™ is ready to serve you no matter where you are. Technology shrinks the world and gives you access to our expertise.

Fixed prices

No hourly fees. Your investment with Numerity™ is transparent from the start.

Our Mission

To provide timely, understandable financial information so construction business owners can make growth decisions that have a positive impact on their life. We do this by working closely with you and addressing your needs with the appropriate cloud technology. Here are just a few apps we use.

Discover our core services

Online CFO services | Numerity


Drive your business forward and achieve the lifestyle you deserve.

Tax and accounting services  | Numerity

Tax and Accounting

Minimize your taxes and develop monthly, quarterly, and year-end reports that help your key decisions.

Bookkeeping services  | Numerity


Create a solid set of accurate books, which are crucial for business growth.

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