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Jim Clark, CPA, CA, CPA (Illinois)

I am the co-founder and CEO of Numerity Accounting and an entrepreneur at heart. In addition to growing our business, I have provided CFO, tax, and accounting advice for many entrepreneurs and business owners for the past 19 years. I believe there is always a unique solution to every problem and am passionate about using online technology to help your business run smoothly. I am dedicated to helping you understand your business and what drives its success. No matter how complex a topic or solution is, I have honed my ability to communicate in a manner that makes sense to you. In fact, I have spent many years public speaking in front of entrepreneurs and advising them with free one-on-one consultations through Entrepreneurship Manitoba. In my free time, I race my road bike in local and national events. I also love hiking/travelling, listening to music, and playing guitar.

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Christine Chung, DFA-Tax Services Specialist

I am the co-founder and CFO of Numerity Accounting. I started my career by helping individuals with their tax needs, which has progressed to advising entrepreneurs and business owners primarily in the construction industry. My appreciation and understanding of accounting for our own business, paired with consistent communication, has helped me integrate that knowledge into CFO, tax, and accounting advice for our clients. During my spare time, you can find me watching funny videos of dogs, trying to learn sign language, or baking for family and friends.

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Trevor Remple, CPA, CA

Trevor is an associate of Numerity Accounting. He brings with him over eighteen years of public practice experience with a focus on owner-manager businesses. In addition, for six years, he worked in the capacity of a full-time Controller/Chief Financial Officer for two small to medium sized businesses. He currently functions as part-time Controller/CFO for several owner-manager businesses through the CPA firms he assists. One of Trevor’s strengths is his knowledge of various industries including: construction and sub-trades, rental properties, property development, and realtors. He has experience with debt financing, managing cash flows, projections, budgets, and ongoing dashboards monitoring key financial and non-financial business indicators.

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